"women, who are the poorest members of society"


  • Many households are now headed by women, who are the poorest members of society. We are committed to supporting these women and their families to achieve sustainable livelihoods, working closely with community leaders, to provide access to education, skills training and family support.

  • We address the specific needs of children, and our social workers work closely with local governors and community organisations to help make education, healthcare, nutrition and family support available to young children. Our Hot Meal and Sponsorship Programmes provide children with meals, equipment, clothes and school supplies.

  • Poor living conditions, malnutrition, lack of warm clothes and pollution are all major causes of respiratory, heart and kidney disease. We work with our local medical centre, providing supplies, medical care, vitamins, clean and safe water supplies and public training in disease prevention programmes.

  • Aid

    It is estimated that one third of the population live below the poverty line. Over the last two decades, up to thirty thousand people moved each year to the city, resulting in the vast shanty district surrounding Ulaanbaatar. We support people in need with homes, stoves, fuel, food and emergency aid, particularly in the harsh […]

  • As part of Asral’s training programme, two hundred and fifty women were trained in sewing and felt-making. MIM (Made In Mongolia) is a non-profit initiative established to provide employment options for women. The project is now exporting superior quality felt products around the world and is regarded as the highest quality felt being produced in Mongolia. A new online shop was launched recently at www.madeinmongolia.net

  • High unemployment has resulted in increased crime, high rates of alcoholism and social problems. We work with the juvenile detention centre and women’s prison, offering practical and moral support to people who are experiencing despair and loss of hope.