If you can spare just 50 cents a day, you can help…

Maitreya’s sponsorship program is a great way for an individual to give direct assistance to a person in Mongolia to improve their life and provide them with the potential to create lasting change. Maitreya works with the local community and social officers to identify the most vulnerable.

You can sponsor an individual child or a whole family. Sponsorship can provide essentials like food, fuel, health care, access to education and the opportunity for employment, which can bring about dignity and self sufficiency.

How does sponsorship make a difference?

  • It helps ensure that children are safe while parents seek employment.
  • It supports children with medical conditions.
  • It helps provide access for children and young people to education.
  • It ensures the poorest families can be provided with fuel in minus 50 degree winters.
  • It provides direct food aid to families during times of increased food costs.