We address the specific needs of children, and our social workers work closely with local governors and community organisations to help make education, healthcare, nutrition and family support available to young children. Our Hot Meal and Sponsorship Programmes provide children with meals, equipment, clothes and school supplies.

Hot Meal Project

30 of the poorest children between the ages of six and sixteen are participating in the Hot Meal project. Vulnerable children are supported with hot food every day to enable them to attend school, and are assisted with homework, extra tuition, disease prevention training, vitamins, supplies, clothes, social activities and games. We renovated and equipped the Hot Meal kitchen and classroom to increase the capacity of numbers attending. Of the 30 children participating:

  • 18 are girls and 12 are boys
  • 11 children come from parents who are divorced.
  • 4 new children joined the project this year.
  • 3 children have parents who are deceased.
  • 3 children have lost one of their parents.

Early Primary School

There is one early primary school in our local district that caters for 1000 children between the ages of 2 and 6. However, there is space for only 400 children, on a first come first served basis.

Because of the numbers limitation 600 children, mainly from the shanty district, do not have access to early primary education.

We support 32 of the poorest children, providing clothes, stationary, school equipment, winter play area, sanitation and renovated classrooms.


Gachuurt, a former commune during the Soviet time, is 30 kms North east of the city. With funds from the Irish Government, Asral renovated and equipped the local primary school, increasing the capacity from 166 places to 220, and provided two equipped primary school gers for herders children in the outlying areas.

The children’s hostel was provided with 60 new beds and essential bedding.

The Gobi Desert

Underschil is 380 kms South East of the capital in the Gobi desert. 20 children benefit from the Hot Meal project, receiving warm clothes, stationary and toiletries.


We co-operate with the City Municipality Special Training Centre, which provides services for orphans, children whose parents have disappeared, children whose parents are unable to look after them for various reasons, and street children.

We distributed healthy food to 90 children from the ages of six to eighteen. The children are trained with vocational skills in sewing, carpentry and practical skills that will enable them to achieve a livelihood when they leave.

Most street children come from the shanty districts, from broken homes, divorced parents, families with no employment, mothers who can’t look after them, parents who suffer from alcoholism. These are all problems that Asral NGO is committed to preventing.