As part of Asral’s training programme, three hundred and fifty women were trained in sewing and felt-making. MIM (Made In Mongolia) is a non-profit initiative established to provide employment options for women. The project is now exporting superior quality felt products around the world and is regarded as the highest quality felt being produced in Mongolia. A new online shop was launched recently at

MIM’s blend of tradition, artistry and contemporary design began in the heart of the shanty district in Ulaanbaatar; the result of a long-standing collaboration between Ireland and Mongolia.

Mongolian women are trained in the use of traditional felt-making skills as part of Asral NGO’s sustainable training programme. With support from the Irish Government through Irish Aid, and from the Dalai Lama, MIM’s superbly crafted products have become identified as the highest quality felt in Mongolia.

As well as offering employment to women, all profits go to offering greater self sufficiency to Mongolian women and their families, through Asral NGO’s social programmes.

MIM specialises in the production of beautifully crafted Mongolian felt products made with natural materials, seamlessly blending a thousand year old tradition with contemporary design and function.